Child Sponsorship


Child Sponsorship

You could be the difference between life and death for a child abandoned to the streets of Africa. Many don’t survive; others turn to prostitution and street crime to make it. Some end up in slavery; yes slavery really continues even today.


A child rescued from abandonment, prostitution, slavery or the street and moved to Sonshine Village will receive all their needs including nutritious food, decent clothing, safe shelter, protection from exploitation, proper medicine, excellent schooling, and above all, love.


Today we are seeing children who were previously exposed to every kind of evil, laughing and filled with joy as they are cared for and protected. They have moved from being  “children at risk” to children who are safe, saved and with hope for the future; you give them a chance to grow up and become tomorrow’s leaders. Child sponsorship makes this happen!

Let’s face it; it takes money to raise kids. Our actual expense is about $100 per month for each one of our children. We work very hard to keep our costs as low as possible.

Every person’s circumstance is different; we receive different levels of support from different donors; from $10.00 a month to full child sponsorship. We genuinely appreciate every donation from every sponsor.

Many friends provide $1 or $2 per day; our sponsorship page also provides these options ($35 and $65 per month)

You can choose the child you would like to care for or if you wish you can have us assign your monthly gift to the village. If you and your family have selected a child to sponsor we will send you a photograph, a biography, and information on how you can communicate with your sponsored child.

Every dollar of your help goes directly to the home, Sonshine makes it simple – 100% of the funds donated for a child are sent directly to that child’s fund and not one dollar is held back for administration or overhead. How do we do that? Sonshine Ministries has donors who designate their gift directly to administrative expenses so that we can release all sponsorship funds fully to the child.


Sponsorship options include:


Re-occurring monthly sponsorship by debit or credit card 
Annual sponsorship by check, debit or credit card