The Complete Child


Physical Development

Proper nutrition is vital for the physical and cognitive development of growing children. Sonshine Ministries works hard to provide fresh, nutritious food the will enable our children to grow strong and healthy, allowing them to concentrate on their studies.

Shelter is a basic human need; it brings safety, love and protection. Our vision is to provide clean, proper housing for our children; we currently have 8 houses under construction. Our buildings are clean and of high quality. We have the highest standards for sanitation and safety.

Emotional Development

Each home will be staffed with quality, trained house mothers who provide daily oversight, counseling, mentoring and love for the children living in their care. Additionally, Sonshine Ministries teachers who live in our village will become role models for the children both in class and outside the classroom.

Children Sponsorship Programs connect children with individuals and families who love them, pray for them and believe in them. Child sponsors write letters, send gifts, and provide another source of encouragement and emotional support.

Sonshine Ministries also welcomes visiting teams from abroad. These visits often leave a lasting impression on both the children and the visitors, forging long-term relationships.

Spiritual Development

Sonshine Ministries nurtures a village where children are able to grow and mature spiritually. Considering the chaotic background many of the children emerged from, we believe integration of physical, emotional and spiritual development is critically important.

Sonshine provides spiritual teaching times that are age appropriate for each child. These times include prayer, reading, instruction, praise and worship. This process brings dramatic impact through this holistic education.

Educational Development

The motto of Sonshine Ministries is “Sponsor a Child Today. . . Create a Leader for Tomorrow”. In order to make this a reality our goal is to provide each child the skills necessary to realize their God given. We consider education a key to a child’s success and require each child to continue his or her education until a secondary (high school) education is achieved.

In Tanzania, less than 25% of the students who would like to go to secondary school are able to. Of those children, a very small percentage are able go on to complete a higher education program. Secondary education has grown more slowly than primary education in Tanzania because the government limited High School output to graduates it could absorb through employment. High school graduation is a privilege extended to a few who are expected to bear the responsibility for running the community.

With all our students required to finish secondary education, they will have a great advantage over many of the young adults their age. In addition, Sonshine’s vision is to provide opportunities to pursue further education for those children who are able and inclined to compete in a university setting. The students who do not qualify to attend university will have the opportunity to attend vocational training.