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Leviticus 26:8 - Five of you will chase a hundred, and a hundred of you will chase ten thousand, and your enemies will fall by the sword before you.

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There is something special about working together to reach a common goal; to achieve victory for the kingdom. Scripture tells us over and over again about the multiplication that God releases through unity and diversity in His family. The word university comes from these to concepts, unity and diversity; uniting together, combining our different strengths, our different gifts, to accomplish so much more then we are able to accomplish separately.

Not everyone can travel to Africa, but everyone can do something to touch those in need, even if they’re an ocean away. You can become part of Sonshine Ministries International by giving of your time to help the poorest of the poor, right here at home!

If you would like to volunteer with Sonshine Ministries, please e-mail us at and let us know which volunteer opportunities interest you as well as your gifts and talents. We will contact you with current opportunities that match your skills.

Here are some current volunteer opportunities for you:


Children’s Ministry Coordinator

  • Oversee donations and procurement of children’s ministry supplies
  • Network with churches, pastors, and children’s ministry heads to involve them in Sonshine Village activities
  • Coordinate teams of volunteers to assemble children’s ministry supplies for trips
  • Train teams of children ministry workers for their involvement on our trips
  • Develop curriculum and programs for our Children’s Village

Pastoral Outreach Coordinator

  • Network with churches, church leaders, and pastors to involve them in Sonshine Ministries Programs
  • Attend pastors’ conferences, pastors’ prayer meetings, and other gatherings to recruit pastors as our partners
  • Work with Sonshine Ministries directors in assisting with the planning and preparation of Church Leader Conferences

Church Relations Coordinator

  • Obtain speaking engagements for Ray Schumacher, Melody Schumacher and outreach pastors, at local churches
  • Find church partners and identify possible Sonshine Ministries International “Ambassadors” from that church to do the following:
  • Keep SMI visible in their own congregation
  • Ensure regular SMI news updates in church bulletins or communication   
  • Bring SMI’s mission needs before the church leadership
  • Recruit volunteers, financial supporters, and team members for SMI
    mission trips
  • Recruit churches to host one mission Sunday a year on behalf of SMI and
    invite people to attend and meet  SMI leadership

Events Coordinator

  • Assist SMI in all aspects of special events planning
  • Help with the annual Sonshine Ministries Banquet
  • Work on creative, new ideas for raising funds
  • Book venues for hosting events 

Grant Proposal Coordinator

  • Recruit and oversee volunteers to write grants on behalf of Sonshine Ministries
  • Research and develop a list of possible grant-making organizations
  • Standardize an approach to fundraising through grant-writing

Donation Coordinator

  • Assist in tracking and thanking donors - quarterly
  • Input/update names and addresses on database
  • Inventory donations as they come into the office



Whoever sows generously will also reap generously . . . for God loves a cheerful giver - 2 Corinthians 8:6-7

Your tax deductible donations are greatly appreciated!
Click below to donate securely with a debit or credit card. Any financial assistance that you provide will be a tremendous help to the children in Tanzania and East Africa.



You can also mail your contributions to:

Sonshine Ministries International
PO Box 1356

Wilsonville OR 97070


For only $3.50 a day you help provide a home, food, clean water, clothing, medical care and a great education for a child. Your expression of love can be a life or death choice for the child you help.


Ray and Melody Schumacher have committed their lives to helping homeless children in Tanzania. Their heart is to rescue these children and to work on their behalf.


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